Cannabis and its derivative is the new wonder plant, useful in so many diverse fields. CBD, one of its derivatives, has received the greatest show of love. Its non-psychoactive and relaxing property assured its use in fragrances and candles.

Does delta-8 THC gummies work? To answer this, we would need to talk about what you mean by “work”. What we do know, is that, unlike psychoactive THC gummies, CBD does not get you high. However, research has shown that it can help with inflammation, pain, anxiety, and depression. A high concentration of CBD will, at best, give you an uplifting feeling.

Another thing to note is that CBD oil has almost no odors. French perfumers use an accord of fragrances to play up its natural tones. Green, earthy and herbaceous scents are often used. Below we’ll discuss, in no particular order, the top CBD infused perfumes.

1. Nico CBD Cologne Oil by Palomine Botanicals

Made by hand in NewOrleans, it combines notes of oud, orange flower, sandalwood, jasmine, and CBD oil. The soothing effect of the CBD oil pairs well with the heady notes.

It comes in a 10mL black UV glass bottle with a steel roller ball; completely vegan and is unisex.

2. Replica Music Festival Eau de Toilette by Maison Margiela

As part of the Replica collection, this 2017 entry is as evocative as earlier releases.

It has an opening note of cannabis with apple and violet lead aromas. Patchouli, incense, and tobacco form the middle notes. Leather accord, cypress, and cedar round out the base notes.

3. Chronic Eau de Parfum by 19-69

A unisex perfume launched in 2018 by Swedish brand 19-69. The brand drew ideas from Southern California’s cannabis cultivation in the ’90s.

This citrusy-green scent has top notes of bitter orange, grapefruit, petitgrain, and clary sage. Its middle notes are cannabis accord, Virginian cedar, and Amber. Moss, Vetiver, Patchouli, Musk, and Cashmere Wood are the base for this intoxicating perfume.

4. Perfume Oil by Herb Essntls

Made to melt into your skin, this fragrance is perfect for someone who prefers subtlety, with top notes of citrus and bergamot that fade into deeper notes. The perceptive user can also detect fresh Cannabis buds, patchouli, and dry amber.

5. Cannabis Eau de Parfum by Malin + Goetz

Launched in 2010, this fragrance has top bergamot and black pepper notes to elevate the earthiness. Its middle notes of magnolia compliment the base notes of cedarwood, patchouli, and sandalwood. Made by Malin+Goetz, this unisex fragrance has been described as a spicy and herbaceous aroma.

6. Cannabis Santal by Fresh

Launched in 2006, the fascinating mixture has dark plum, bergamot, and Brazilian orange as top notes. Patchouli, cannabis, and rose make up the middle note giving it a woody-floral layer. Vetiver, dark chocolate, and vanilla musk make the base notes giving woodsy musk. Caroline Sabas created this sensual fragrance for men.

7. Cannabis Intense by Fragrance Du Bois

This perfume was mixed by Shadi Samra and released in 2020. It is a unisex fragrance.

Top notes of pink peppercorn, cardamom, and orange give fun to the scent. On the other hand, its middle notes of cannabis, nutmeg, and saffron give an earthy spice to the fragrance. The base notes are Woody Cedar, the brand’s signature Agarwood (Oud), and Musk.

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