Healthy faces are a sign of a great immune system. A healthy immune system in men is also related to high levels of testosterone. This is why testosterone supplements are critical for a man with low testosterone levels. If you are wondering why women are attracted to healthy faces, here are some interesting facts about this great hormone.

Does Wealth Equal Attractiveness?

A high testosterone level in men can make them look more attractive to women. Men with high levels of this hormone are known to showcase masculinity, boosting confidence. As such, these men are more likely to possess wealth that allows them to take care of themselves and manage their hormone levels.

If a man wants to spend more, there are high chances they will also be hardworking in a bid to look for more money. Eventually, they accumulate wealth which makes women love them more.

Body Structure

A well-built body structure that women get attracted to is an indication of a strong immune system in men. Testosterone is highly linked to helping men attract women and find mates. The hormone is linked with dominance and competitiveness, making women compete for a well-built man.

A healthy immune system will have a much higher sex appeal. These will be showcased in the strong jawline and masculine features in men.

One study asserts that when women are ovulating, they will be more attracted to men with strong chins and brows. A lot of women also want to mate with someone with strong genes in order to pass these features to their children.


Testosterone is easily expressed in men’s behaviors, which women find attractive. This hormone affects the prosocial attributes which are essential to women when looking for partners.

Women love aggressive men because they aspire to have someone who can protect them physically and emotionally.  Testosterone is also associated with social dominance, which women find attractive. The hormone promotes a high social status which every woman wants to be associated with.

Sexual Arousal

Women believe that a good-looking man has the capacity to arouse them sexually and also engage in romantic escapades, which will be satisfying to them.

This notion can be expressed by the fact that testosterone is high in men with great physical features. The circulating hormone will activate changes in sexual function.

While other factors are held constant, good sexual activity is related to lasting relationships between males and females. Therefore, women will be more interested in having a long-term partnership that will be cemented by good sex.

Final Thoughts

Testosterone is an essential hormone in a male that affects women’s attraction. While the physical features of a man have much to do with genes, testosterone levels also have a huge part to play. The hormone indicates how attractive a man is to the opposite gender. Therefore, boosting testosterone is another factor that you should consider if you want women to be attracted to you.

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