I am a 29 years old French citizen and was born in Paris. I am currently living in Amsterdam, in the city center. I started armoiredesmodes.com in 2018 while living in London. At that time, I was missing my country a lot. This is because I had been away from home for a long time, making me miss both my home country and the people in it.

When I was in London, many people used to ask me questions about the fashion of French women, including how they do their hair and makeup. They also frequently asked how they could live just like the French.

I initially started this website as an online space for sharing my makeup tips and skincare products. Fortunately, the idea has evolved with time to become a fantastic platform for French fashion and lifestyle and interior.

I believe that you do not have to live in France or be French to experience France’s beautiful and unique art. From wherever you are, I will assist you in living a French life that you have always wished to.