Have you been thinking of doing your makeup just like the French women? It is pretty easy. I will guide you through various steps of making your makeup look natural as done by French women.

1. Prepare your skin.

The first step before doing your makeup is the preparation of your skin. You will have to look after your skin using an effective skincare routine. This may include moisturizing, toning, and cleansing.

2. Use a lightweight foundation.

Use a foundation that has a light coverage to enhance a natural look for makeup. Heavy foundation can easily do away with your features. You can also use tinted moisturizers and creams that will give your skin more moisture.

3. Use a lightweight concealer.

You can achieve this by using a tiny amount of your product. Apply your concealer only in the problem areas, including under your eyes. You can use a foundation as an alternative. However, the foundation must be thicker to cover any blemishes.

Also, you can achieve your natural-looking makeup by;

  • Adding a blush touch
  • Adding definition with bronzer powder
  • Brushing your brows
  • Going light on the eyelashes

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