If you are a French designer lover, you must know some of the best designers in France. Most of the greatest and most famous fashion designers in the industry are based in Paris, the fashion capital of France.

I have highlighted for you some of the top French fashion designers in the industry. Read on to find out more about them.

1. Dior

Christian Dior is a French fashion designer and was born in 1905. He was born in Granville, a small town situated at France’s Normandy coast. As a young boy, he was passionate about art and hoped to become an architect.

However, in 1940, after serving in the military, he started working for Pierre Balmain, a fashion designer.

This led to him opening a couture house in 1946 with an obsession with allowing French women to rediscover joy, beauty, and elegance. In the same year, he established The House of Dior.

2. Chanel

Coco Channel is one of the famous French designers who captured global attention. She developed an interest in fashion at 18 and opened a hat shop in Paris after securing financial support from Étienne Balsan, a businessman.

She later opened other stores in Biarritz and Deauville, where she made and sold her clothes. She became iconic in the fashion industry after several people fell in love with her simple outfits. She later introduced other items such as perfumes and a handbag which is still iconic up to date.

3. Lanvin

Lanvin is among the oldest and most prestigious fashion houses in Paris. Jeanne Lanvin founded it in 1889. She later developed it and became one of the most renowned French fashion designers.

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