If you want to achieve cultural fluency in everything French, watching French series on Netflix can help you hone your listening skills and vocabulary.

With that said, I have listed down for you some of the best French series that you can watch on Netflix.

1. Lupin

Lupin was the first series of French origin ranked among Netflix’s top 10 in the US. The series is about Assane Diop, a professional thief, and an immigrant’s only son. His father had moved to France to look for a good life for his son.

However, his father’s employer later framed his father for stealing a precious diamond. After this, his father hanged himself in a prison cell because of shame. Twenty-five years later, Assane Diop moved to France to seek revenge against the family that caused his father’s death.

2. Family Business

Family Business is one of the best French series that you can watch on Netflix. Its story is about a son to a Parisian butcher Jonathan Cohen, played by Joseph Haxan in the series, who is trying to convince his father into transforming his business that was declining.

3. Mythomaniac (Mytho)

The series was initially named Mytho, a French slang meaning a lie. The story is about a mother who is ignored by her family and cheated on by her husband.

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