There are several French women influencers that you should know about. Most of them are either influencers, entrepreneurs, authors, businesswomen, or journalists. I have highlighted a few of these women for you. Read on for more.

1. Jeanne Damas

She is a French actress, model, and founder of Rouje, a clothing brand. She also created the Le Regard makeup line as well as the Chez Jeanne boutique restaurant.

She is among the most famous French influencers, and most people consider her to be the ultimate French woman. She has more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram. Aside from these, she has also authored a book.

2. Karina Vigier

Karina Vigier has a great personality as well as a unique style. She is a French businesswoman and influencer who is in her 50s.

She is often found in magazines concerning fashion for children. Karina Vigier was born in Russia and moved to France when she was only aged eight years.

At that time, she was unable to speak French. She could only communicate with others through her outfits. As a girl, she was obsessed with being unique. This made her develop her fashion style and become an influencer.

3. Mathilde Lacombe

She is a French entrepreneur as well as an influencer. She founded the “La vie en blonde” blog and AIME beauty brand. She was initially a beauty journalist and always wanted to be a chief editor.

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