If you love the French lifestyle, I will teach you some ways you can say hello in French. Read on to find out.

1. Bonjour

Bonjour is the easiest way to say “hello” in French. In fact, it is the most famous French greeting known all over the world.

“Bonjour” literally means “good day.” It is also the most polite and safest option among all the French greetings.

You can easily use it in any social interaction and context, regardless of the formality level. In most cases, bonjour is accompanied by a handshake or kisses on the cheek. French people rarely hug when greeting one another.

2. Salut

Salut literally means “hi.” You can use this French greeting with both friends and family but only in informal situations. You can not use it to greet your boss or in a formal environment.

More and more young people, especially those born and raised in Paris, prefer using it compared to the more formal bonjour. Salut may also mean bye and can be used after ending a call with someone well-known to you.

3. Comment vas-tu?

“Comment vas-tu?” It literally means” how are you” in English. It is one of the various ways you can greet someone by asking how they are doing. The response to this is ”Je vais bien, merci,” which means” I am doing well, thank you.”

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