The wardrobe of a French woman will never miss a trench coat. In fact, most French women start buying trench coats in their early life. After all, it is among the top iconic French-style clothing, giving off a chic and stylish look.

A trench coat is one of the best items that you should be having in your wardrobe. French women love them because they are both stylish and classic.

They are versatile pieces of clothing, suitable in the autumn and spring. Moreover, you can also wear them whenever the weather permits it. You can choose to wear it alongside white trainers and straight jeans or a printed dress together with heels. It can make any outfit look polished and eloquent.

You can make it look even more fabulous by combining it with a good scarf and a pair of sunglasses. You can get one from Everlane or Sezane. Parisians love to wear sand or beige trench coats during autumn and spring.

Some of the best colors you can choose are brown, black, olive, and navy blue. Both long and short trench coats are perfect choices, but I recommend buying the long ones. It is also essential to purchase quality trench coats.

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