Most French women are now wearing sneakers. If you have ever had a walk along the streets of Paris, you would observe that most French women do not like heels.

Most Parisian girls prefer wearing shoes that are flat such as slippers, loafers, ballet flats, and sneakers. Sneakers are the most comfortable and stylish shoes that one can wear in the streets of Paris.

Wearing white sneakers is now the top trend among many Parisian women, and it has been bringing the best out of their looks. Most of them opt for sneakers that make their feet look small, thin, and classy.

It is vital to ensure that you choose sneakers of the best quality, probably designer ones. You can wear your sneakers together with a blazer, a white t-shirt, or a pair of high waist jeans.

This outfit is typical in Paris, and it can be worn for any occasion, including formal events. There are several ways through which you can wear yours just like a stylish French woman. Some of them include:

  • Wearing them with a dress
  • Wear with a tee and a jean
  • Sneakers together with a blazer
  • Wearing them with a suit

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